Sofás cama.

Stylish danish design for everyday use. We want to offer furniture that makes a difference in everyday life. Good design that combines style, comfort and functionality.


The Danish designer, Per Weiss, is head of the design department. He was born in 1959 in Denmark and is the designer of this amazing sofa collection . As an all-round creative person, he started his career as a professional musician, while already studying at the School of Architecture in Aarhus. Then giving a higher priority to his design visions, he worked for some of the famous Danish architects, Friis & Moltke and Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen.

Inspired by a Scandinavian design tradition as well as fashion and lifestyle trends, he creates long-lasting design with a contemporary appeal.



innovation-splitback-sofa-chair-blaugrau-525-showroom istyle-2014---splitback-sofa---01-521---light-wood-legs---sofa-position_1 istyle-2014---splitback-sofa---01-521---light-wood-legs---sleep-position_1       home-2015-unfurl-sofa_dark-wood_textile-601d_imagehome-2015-unfurl-sofa-601-heavy-natch-natural-sofa-positionhome-2015-unfurl-sofa-601-heavy-natch-natural-relax-positionhome-2015-unfurl-sofa-601-heavy-natch-natural-bed-position

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