octo lamp.

Innovative Craftsmanship

The acclaimed Secto Design lamps were born of a genuine need, the innovative use of wood material and skilled craftsmanship.


Secto Design and designer Seppo Koho crossed paths in 1995 when Tuula Jusélius was seeking a designer for her new company, whose first products were furniture made of innovative glue-laminated wood. The very first time Tuula Jusélius and the newly graduated design architect Seppo Koho met they knew they were kindred spirits: The two share a respect for Northern wood as well as Scandinavian, clear design and professional woodworking.

Customers who bought furniture from the company complained about not finding suitable lamps to go with the furniture. Tuula Jusélius noticed the same: there simply were no wooden lamps on the market. So Seppo Koho received a commission. The result was the Secto pendant lamp that is still the backbone of the collection.

Designer Seppo Koho was born in 1967 in Finland. He went on to study at the University of Industrial Arts and Tampere University of Technology before forming his own interior and design studio in 1995. Koho has designed furniture and lighting for several companies and the Secto 4200 pendant lamp is held in the permanent collection of the Craft Museum of Finland.

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